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Keeping Fit With Turbulence Training

Most people who work out not only want to lose weight, but also want to find out how to look better, particularly wanting to find out how to tone abs. Having great abs, after all, is not only a sign of good fitness, but also allow you to look great, especially when you’re hitting the beach! Cardio workouts can get boring pretty fast, and results can take pretty long, but they’re essential to any workout if you want to lose weight and tone abs, right? Not necessarily. Craig Ballantyne, a Men’s Health magazine expert and a certified strength & conditioning specialist, has authored Turbulence Training, an eBook that outlines a program that aims to help people lose fat and gain muscle with minimal cardio.

Turbulence Training helps people discover cardio-free workouts using a combination of weight training exercises and interval training, to help burn fat, tone abs, and build muscle. Cardio in the morning on an empty stomach isn’t necessarily the best way to lose fat! Slow, long, boring cardio isn’t the best way to increase metabolism, or lose belly fat and tone lower abs. Instead, Turbulence Training promotes short, burst exercise workouts that can be done in the privacy of your own home, in 45 minutes or less. Aspiring weight-losers don’t even have to do it 7 days a week – Turbulence Training guides them through 3 short home workouts weekly, and helps achieve more fat loss in less than half the time of a regular cardio workout.

Plus, Turbulence Training includes a component that helps you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, teaching you how to tone your abs. The program outlined in the eBook not only burns stubborn belly fat (and helps tone lower abs) but also boosts metabolism. No need for boring cardio workouts, as Turbulence Training can help burn maximum fat in minimum time, with no need to go to the gym, as the workouts can be done all at home. It has been tested to help people get 6-pack abs in only about 12 weeks.

Of course, keeping fit and gaining abs are not all about looking good and looking younger. Most importantly, exercising and keeping in shape are all about improving your overall health and prolonging your life. Clearer skin, improved energy, and generally feeling better – these are all perks of getting in a great exercise program. And the short but intense non-daily workouts that are taught by Turbulence Training are a successful method for those looking to exercise and see results! Turbulence Training may just be the program that you need if you’re looking to improve your health by losing weight and gaining more muscle, with minimal cardio workouts.

Customer Reviews

“I just finished my 12-week transformation contest using Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training for Fat Loss. In 12 weeks I lost 14.4lbs, 3.75" from my abdomen, 2.5" from my hips, 4.2% body fat and went from a size 12 to a size 6/8 (depending on the style/brand).”

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“With the Turbulence Training program, I’ve lost 17 pounds in 8 weeks and at least 4 inches off of my waist and chest... I’ve not only taken off inches and pounds, but I’m completely reshaping my body.”

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“Turbulence training is a great e book. People don’t see it because they fall for diet programs. The good thing about turbulence training is that is perfect for the average Joe person who wants to lose weight and tone up. This is what most people are looking for.”

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