How To Tone Your Abs Like Elite Athletes, Models and Actors

Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program has worked for tens of thousands of people in 137 countries worldwide

Do you desire a tone stomach, but just can’t seem to get rid of the stubborn belly fat no matter what you try?

The good news is you’re not alone. The bad news is the latest diets, supplements, diet pills and gadgets probably aren’t going to decrease anything except the money in your wallet.

The reason these latest “miracles” don’t get you any closer to the tone stomach that you want is simple. They are often created by overweight business men in suits that then hire a “guru” to sell it to you. The “guru” got his or her paycheck from the product, but not his or her abs.

Tom Venuto knew there were people like you out there who want results and not gimmicks.

Who is Tom Venuto? Tom has been featured in Oprah magazine, the Wall Street Journal and on radio shows such as Martha Stewart healthy living.

Tom wasn’t hired to go promote a product developed by a big business. Tom has been using and teaching his fat burning techniques for years and has the results to prove it.

How about this for a resume? Mr. Natural New Jersey, Natural Pennsylvania, Natural New Your State, Natural Mid Atlantic States and 2nd Place Mr. Natural USA.

Tom Venuto knows how to tone abs and he knows how to do it without costly diet pills and supplements that are possibly doing more harm to you than good.

When Tom first created the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle system, he was charging $995 for his 12 week coaching program which often had a waiting list of 2 to 3 months.

At that price tag the secret techniques being used by elite athletes, models and movie stars was out of reach of the average person.

Tom decided that in this format he was not able to help as many people as he would like and created a written version of his system.

In 2003, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle was released as an instantly downloadable e-book and quickly shot to #1 in both the diet and fitness categories.

The e-book has consistently been a top seller ever since. The system Tom came up with has tens of thousands of people that have seen results. That is why unlike the ads you see on TV, Tom doesn’t have to come up with a new “gimmick” every 2 to 3 months.

Why would you need something new, if you already have something that works?

I’m sure you are wondering what exactly is the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle system?

When you purchase and download the e-book you will immediately notice the amount of information included. 337 pages!

Yes, that’s right, there are 337 pages in this e-book. Although, that may be a little overwhelming for some…let’s take a look at your diet and fitness history for a second.

How many diet and fitness books or magazines have you purchased in your lifetime? How many late night ab machines? How many fitness DVD’s?

These 337 pages replace them all at a fraction of the price.

The information you receive in the system is way to much to list in this review but I’ll give you a brief list of some of the topics discussed

  • All the information you need to melt away body fat permanently without muscle loss

  • Why there’s so much conflicting advice on diets and nutrition

  • Why 95% of all diets fail….and the steps you must take to be part of the successful 5%

  • How to break through any fat loss plateau

  • How to crank up your metabolism

  • Why you always seem to gain back the fat you’ve lost and how to guarantee you keep it off permanently

At the time of this review Tom is also throwing in 4 free bonuses when you order his system. I am not sure how long this offer will be available so you may want to hurry if any of these interest you. The four free bonuses are
  1. Foods That Burn Fat

  2. Foods That Turn to Fat

  3. The A food B food lecture: How to get good grades on your food choices

  4. Free Updates to the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle e-book.

The last bonus entitles you to free updates of the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle e-book. If new editions of the e-book are released, you will receive all e-book updates absolutely free.

Now I know you are probably wondering is this system really any different than the stuff I have already tried?

My answer is yes for several reasons.

Tom Venuto has created and used this system with outstanding results. His results can be seen from his many Natural Bodybuilding titles.

He has then taken his system and shown non-bodybuilders how to tone abs with the same great results.

These non-bodybuilders included elite athletes, models and Hollywood celebs. The only problem was you and I would have to pay $995 dollars to get the secrets.

Tom knew that and repackaged his system again into an easy to read e-book that you can afford. The e-book was released in a downloadable format, so you could begin to use the system immediately after your purchase.

Tom is so confident his system will work for you, it comes with an 8 week, no-risk 100% money back guarantee.

Tens of thousands have already used the Burn the Fat Feed the muscle system. You too can tone your abs by burning the stubborn belly fat that is hiding your fit tone stomach. Oh and don’t be surprised if your energy levels increase as well.

If you feel the belly fat resting on the front lip of your pants as you read this, click on the link and read some of the testimonials over on Tom's site and download your copy

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