Decrease Your Pants Size With The Truth About Six Pack Abs Main Program

Truth About Abs Program Overview

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a complete system for getting the tone stomach you desire. The system combines a comprehensive weight training and nutrition program for all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced.

Each exercise includes a photo and a detailed description of exactly how to perform the exercise. The meal plan not only teaches you how eat and still enjoy your food, but also comes with 84 healthy fat-burning meal plans for you to choose from.

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Where the Truth About Abs Program Excels

If you are looking to get a tone stomach then the Truth About Abs program is the complete program. When followed as described, you will tone your abs, increase your metabolism, burn stubborn belly fat and feel healthier and more energized.

Nothing is left out. The program breaks it all down for you leaving nothing to the imagination. You will be taught exactly how to tone abs. This includes what to do and how to do it.

Mike Geary Knows What He Is Talking About

The creator of the program Mike Geary not only knows what he is talking about…he puts it in words that those without a pre-med degree can understand. Mike explains why those boring cardio routines you have tried before don’t work as well as weight training for boosting your metabolism.

Customize The Program To Fit Your Needs

One reason many diets don’t work is because they are sold as a one size fits all. However, when trying to get a tone stomach one system does not work for everybody.

The Truth About Abs program offers guidelines so that you can plan a healthy and metabolism booting meal plan for yourself. 84 Sample meals are given that you can use or modify to fit your taste and budget. This isn’t a strict diet that is going to have you dreading your next meal. Mike shows you how to properly choose meals that you can enjoy and get healthy eating.

They system can be modified to meet your needs. Mike knows one program will not work for anyone. By following his guidelines and creating a program that fits your needs, you will see results.

As with the nutrition portion of the program, the sample workouts provided are to be used as guidelines to fit your fitness level and lifestyle. If you can dedicate thirty minutes, three to four times a week, you are going to be extremely happy as you begin to see changes in the way your pants fit and the person you see looking back at you in the mirror.

Where the Truth About Abs Program Needs Work

Mike Covers it All...Almost To Much

Although Mike covers every aspect of the program in great detail, it can be a little much for some. There is a ton of information provided. Mike breaks down how the body works so you know exactly why he is telling you to do what he does in the program.

Of course you don’t have to read it all. So although it is a bit much, I think it is better that he included it so that you can decide if you want to learn more about the glycemic index and how protein and carbohydrates work.

Not A Get Fit Quick Program

You may be looking for a program that will allow you to tone your abs and be showing them off at the beach in two weeks. This isn’t it. In fact I don’t know any programs that will honestly allow you to achieve that. They may promise it, but I have news for you…it’s not going to happen.

This may work against Mike at first because he doesn’t make those outrageous promises to reel you in. He knows his program works, but you will have to work at it. With that being said, once you do start following the program it will become a lifestyle and you can finally stop wasting your money on diet fads, pills and infomercial ab gimmicks.

Should You Buy The Truth About Abs Main Program?

If you are serious about getting a flat stomach and keeping it, I recommend this program for you. The Truth About Abs Program lays out all the nutrition and fitness information you need to make drastic changes to your body.

You must want to change. Diet pills and ab machines are not going to get you the tone abs you desire. I think you are already aware of that. If you are ready to stop wasting money on the latest ab hype and finally get the abs you see on TV you are on the right track and Mike Geary has put together the program that will get you there.

Final Words

For those of you that are still skeptical Mike is so confident in his program he offers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. You aren’t going to find that with the latest fad diets. Plus the Truth About Abs will cost you less in the long run…that is unless you are counting the smaller pants you will be buying in the months to follow.

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